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Train Your Dog: Build Strong Relationship By Proper Training Of Your Dog

There are various ways to train your dog .I have seen various dog owners who use to hire professionals to train their dogs .Some owners can’t afford to hire professional for this purpose .Training of dog under guidance of professionals is always advisable, as they have lots of experience in this field .Through this article, I will tell you few tips through which you can train your dog very easily at home without the help of any trainer

Every dog owner would like to give best training to his dog .Each dog should be well trained and well behaved, A well behaved dog will follow all your orders very easily and quickly .This is must thing while dealing with any pet .Proper training will  make him a part of your family . .There are few rules which you must follow while training your dog .Daily regular practice is must for each and every dog .Always remember one thing “Dogs are very good learner “ .

Mostly dog training is meant to make your puppy a part of your life .First and foremost step is to teach them few basic commands like “Sit” ,”Run” ,”Walk” etc .These are basic command each puppy should be aware about .This training should be given at very early age of puppy .In other words ,this must be the first lesson of his training .Through dog training ,you can make good connections with your dog .The next level of training is basically for competitive purpose .In this level ,more stress is given on catching practice ,free style jumping etc .This type of training require strong interaction between dog and its owner .This training cannot be competed in 1-2 week .This training require lots of time ,commitment and regular practice .Proper stress should be given to various obedience commands .”Heel” command is one of the best obedience command .Proper care should be taken about his food and his other personal needs like proper clothing ,good shelter ,friendly behavior etc .

You can also take help from various dog training web sites available on internet .You could also purchase various dog training kits or eBooks from internet .These stuff are also very helpful in training your dog properly .Dog training should be done as fun and gaming .Don’t ever discourage yourself by abnormal nature of your puppy .Always keep in mind that you are a human being and you are giving training to a pet .Also keep rewarding your dog to get good result .This will motivate your dog and he will learn all things with good concentration .Also give your pet lots of praise and appreciation .Dog learn really well when you should behave according to his desire .Try to make him fearless and proper work should be done to get rid of his chewing habit .These tips are not only for new puppies .Old dogs can also learn new tips and tricks .I would say that dogs are never too old to learn .Dog training is the best way to create a strong bond between you and your pet .

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