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Same Dog Twice by Marty Meyer


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Book Synopsis
Without realizing how it would impact my life, I made a spur-of-the-moment decision to spend a year on a remote Indian reservation. It was for the oddest of reasons—to become better acquainted with a particular dog that continually pulled my attention to her. In that year and those that followed, I began to realize the consciousness of animals and embarked on a quest to communicate with them. Surprising colleagues, friends, and myself, I left my career as a scientist to become a professional animal intuitive. Same Dog Twice is about the adventures shared and the lessons learned from my menagerie of animals since that time, but most notably from that remarkable dog on the Indian reservation who ended up living with me until the age of eighteen … and whose spirit returned a short time later.

Same Dog Twice is for animal lovers who feel a spiritual connection to their animal companions. Written in a narrative nonfiction style, it will appeal to the large population of dog people who want to deepen their understanding of their companion, or who suspect that the communication that takes place between them and their animal is indeed real.

The loss of a beloved companion leaves an aching hole we never can fill. Our hearts long to have them back. This truth remains the same whether that friend walked on two legs or four. In Same Dog Twice author Marty Meyer tells how her dog, Jessy, came into her life, how she came to discover a unique connection with animals, and how Jessy returned to her life after the dog’s death.

Meyer’s book offers an intriguing glimpse into the human connection with animals. Meyer befriended a semi-wild dog during a field assignment as a biologist. Sometime later, after meeting an animal communicator, Meyer began studying communication with animals. She developed a special connection with her own dog, then began working with other people’s animals. When Jessy died, Meyer believed that the dog’s spirit would return to her in the form of another dog. Eventually, she became convinced this had happened.

While the book deals with reincarnation, it does not focus on it. Stories center more on the joy of loving a pet. And although Meyer shares her experiences communicating with animals, this communication does not occur as a conversation. Instead, Meyer reports she sees pictures, sometimes like flashbacks of memory, or simply gets a strong sense of emotion. Although the communication mimics what pet owners experience when they feel they know what their animal is thinking, Meyer describes what she senses as being much stronger and clearer. She believes she uniquely connects with animals’ spirits, a belief which helped convince her that she had found Jessy again after the dog’s death.

Meyer holds a MS degree in Marine Science and Biology and served as chief biologist for an environmental company. Although she now works as an animal communication specialist, her research background and her field work led her to the interesting settings that grace the book. Her scientific training also adds an interesting counterpoint to her spiritual perspective. But she proves an able storyteller, having honed her skills writing for Bark, Country, and Species Link.

While her spiritual beliefs play a significant role—which may turn off some readers—she never becomes preachy. She focuses mainly on her adventures with and love for her dog. And while some readers may not agree with her conclusions, Meyer tells a captivating tale with a warm heart. Her love for animals truly shines. And that’s something anyone who has cared for a four-legged friend can appreciate. (June 2009) Diane Gardner Review Date: July 2010


 OC Dog Magazine:

This book is fantastic and as the editor of I highly recommend that every pet owner read it. Especially if you have lost your beloved child. It will give you hope and comfort in a time of grief and distress at it did for me personally.

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