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Pet Memorial Planner

There are not words to describe the agony that you have to go through when your beloved pet departs.  The sadness, the guilt, the pain and suffering and intense grief that one feels is so overwhelming that it is impossible not to feel as if you have lost control. I understand what you are feeling as I lost the love of my life, my soul-child and my light and joy.

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Everyone who knows me knows that I am the editor and publisher  of  the OC Dog magazine. This magazine which has been around for 9 years has saved thousands of dogs lives over the years as it has been a free service to the k9 community shelters and rescues helping to place their animals in good homes.

As a child growing up in South Africa with many many cats and dogs, I have had a very special gift being able to communicate with animals and know how they feel and what they are saying.

My new book which will be published towards the end of this year will help those in times of grief and mourning and will be of great comfort to those who are connected to their pets. Because of my background and ability to help and counsel those in need. I have created a new service to those who have lost their precious animal and need help with the details.

Most people cannot look at a photo of their dear companion or think about urns and cremations, burials as they are so distraught it is extremely hard to feel like you can even function, let alone create a forever memory on your own.

My service will help you through this terrible time, as I offer not just a plan for your memorial service but deal with your emotional state and have a team who will come to your house and create a service for you from start to finish.

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