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Bash Kaifi has been in private practice since 1992 and been teaching Osteopathy, both nationally and internationally since 1996. A graduate of the prestigious European School of Osteopathy he has worked to help a variety of individuals from top class sports people to the office worker with neck pain. He also spent several years at the Osteopathic centre for Children in Harley Street helping treat a diverse range of paediatric problems. As a practitioner he uses the full range of Osteopathic techniques available to help his clients effectively and speedily recover from any pain that they may be in. He is meticulous and diligent in performing his treatments and has consequently earned a reputation of someone who is dedicated to helping his clients achieve their health goals. To this end Bash has spent the last 4 years learning about nutritional health and supplementation with a view to providing a complete holistic treatment experience for his clients.

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