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Natural Products for Dogs skin Prevention

Did you know dogs scratching excessively can be signs of other problems with your dog's health? To start, you should be aware that a dog's skin is more sensitive than a human's. Frequent scratching can be signs of fatigue, changes in life-style, stress and can become even worse when compounded with the ensuing problems such as fur loss, welts, and punctures due to the constant biting and scratching. If left untreated, your dog can develop severe problems such as hot spots, which are patches of skin that have become infected with bacteria and can be difficult to heal. You can bet on costly veterinary bills and, more importantly, sever discomfort for your dog (not to mention the discomfort of a bite collar).

Common problems that cause dogs to scratch excessively are parasites, fungal infections, sub-standard grooming products, dry skin and allergies.

Parasites are ultimately one of the most common causes of damaged skin, and ultimately, dog scratching. Fleas, knits, and ticks are the most common culprits. Most of these parasites do their dirty deeds by biting the host and living off of the blood from the bite. The bites themselves are generally not what cause the itching. Itching is caused by salivary secretions and the enzymes in the saliva. Fleas are the easiest to spot, but there are other types of parasites that can dwell further in the hair follicles.

Fungal infections associated with excessive scratching are more sever and can be harder to detect and treat. They can infect a dog's entire body and can spread to humans. The main symptoms are skin flaking, scaling, inflammation and infection. Fungal infections are generally more common during humid times of the year where your dog is on contact with warm, humid conditions that are ideal for bacterial growth. If left untreated, both you and your dog's health may be at stake.

If you use too strong an animal shampoo, you could inadvertently cause your dog to scratch more than they did before. As previously mentioned, dog skin is more sensitive than human skin. Using the wrong type of shampoo can cause dryness, irritation, rashes and infection. Most pet shampoos are a mixture of water, detergents, dyes and chemical additives which could cause your dog discomfort if they are sensitive to such irritants.

Dry skin is one of the most common dog itching and scratching causes. Just like on humans, when skin is low in essential fatty acids, Omega-3s, and moisture it can itch. Good grooming products help with replenishing your dog's natural reserves of these crucial components. On the opposite side of the scale, cheap, strong products can actually strip your dog's skin of the essential components it needs to remain healthy and moist and soft.

Allergens can cause some of the most severe reactions in dogs. Detergents, dyes, chemicals, dusts, pollens and molds can contribute to dry skin and irritation. Just like certain types of detergents or dyes can cause a human to break into hives or rashes, the same rings true for our doggie counterparts.

Don't forget, like humans, dogs can be subject to many different causes where the effects are the same symptoms. Bathing your dog too often can strip essential oils as well as using the wrong type of bathing products. Your best bet in preventing dry skin and dog scratching is using mild, organic pet products that are certified cruelty-free testing and guarantee no ill side-effects.


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