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Music And Dogs

The 'OC Dog' visited the 2007 Namm show annual event that takes place at The Anaheim Convention Center. We approached the show not only as editors of the OC Dog, but also as musicians that have been involved with music for the past 20 years. While visiting the show, we asked the lovely Venturettes that posed for The 'OC Dog' what they thought about dogs. “We love dogs more than our guitars” said the  Venturettes in perfect unison. to drums, pianos, percussion and keyboards and every other imaginable instrument in abundance.

The fact that we both have extensive backgrounds in music, brings us to this article which is about music and dogs.I believe that Music is an emotional healer which leads to physical healing too........ This was substantiated when reading a press release sent to us by: Queen’s University in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and the Rehoming Centre of the National Canine Defence League in Evesham, England.

"Researchers studied the reactions of 50 dogs to different types of music at the National Canine Defence League’s Rehoming Centre in Evesham, Worcestershire, UK. They played either a pop compilation CD, a Metallica album or a recording of human conversation. The dogs made most noise when listening to loud Metallica. The classical music had a very calming effect making them rest. Soft relaxing music has a healing effect on animals as well as humans and can prevent many problems. Animal behaviorists, veterinarians, shelters and pet owners that play , gentle music to their animals can reduce stress, and alleviate depression. Music helps promote sleep and healing also resolving issues like separation anxiety. "

Becky Blackmore, head of kennels at Battersea Dogs Home in London, UK, says ‘music does have a calming effect,” she says. “But we avoid very loud music and anything raucous. Unless it’s in place of fire works which does help too”. Dogs are more relaxed and well-behaved when listening to classical music, rather than pop or heavy metal, according to a new behavioural study. The researchers say the results could help dog pounds work out the best play list for calming their canines. There have been numerous studies on animal reactions to music, including one finding that cows produce more milk when they are played slower tunes and another that found playing a radio increases egg production in hens. "

As writers and publishers we began the OC dog magazine for the incredible love we have for not just our own dogs but for all dogs.  Our rescue pages and adoption pages are published to make people aware of how many animals need a loving home). We discovered over the years of recording and playing music and having dogs, what music does for them...not just any music but certain types. Personally I know that dogs relax when they are listening to soft piano music, and become more rambunctious when they hear loud drums and faster music.. fact ever since my blue merle aussie Brady was a tiny puppy I have written various tunes for him. One in particular is a lullaby which whenever sung puts him into a deep sleep. Growing up around music has definitely made him extremely aware of music. He will even pick up his squeeky toy and try to keep in rhythm , squeeking almost perfectly in time to music tracks.

By James Grant

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