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How to Choose the Best Cat Scratching Trees for your Cat

Is Your Cat Scratching Up all your nice Furniture?

Tips before you Buy a Cat Scratching Tree Or Cat Furniture!

First of all, when thinking of buying a cat scratching tree, you should determine which cat scratching tree would be best for your cat.

This all depends on your cats size, your cats climbing abilities and your cats age.

What size cat scratching tree is good for kittens? What is better for cats? Huge Cat scratching trees or small cat scratching trees? For kittens, I recommend you to buy a small, wide cat scratching tree, since most little cats (especially kittens) are careless and jumpy and can easily fall of a tall cat scratching tree and get hurt.

Make sure when buying a kitten scratching tree, that your cat tree doesn't have narrow, high ledges that the kittens can fall off... Therefore, I recommend to buy a great, fun, wide scratching tree for kittens and cats that is safe and provides lots of entertainment!

How will the Cat scratching tree entertain my Cats and Kittens?

By playing, jumping and scratching cats and kittens have a GREAT time on cat scratching trees.

Not only do cats ENJOY to be high up on a tree, (like in nature) but they also enjoy the fun of climbing up a cat scratching tree, scratching up the cat scratching tree and playing catch-me if you have 2 or more cats.

For almost all cats, (especially kittens) it is recommended to have many hanging mice and cat toys on the cat tree, so that especially the young kittens will get loads of entertainment, since they often get bored and restless.

If you have a BIG cat, you might want to get her/him a large cat scratching tree so that she will have plenty of room to climb and scratch and be able to exercise him/herself on the cat scratching tree.

You don't want a fat cat do you?

For older, lazier cats, a climbing tree with more room, more ledges for them to hang of and sleep on and more places to scratch.

What Color Cat Scratching Tree Matches My home best?

When getting a cat scratching tree, you can mostly choose what color you want it in too.

Try choosing a color that will best match your house.
If your walls and furniture are light, then you can take a lighter cat scratching tree.

However if your walls and chairs are dark wood, you might want to choose a dark cat tree.

WARNING: Never buy a cat scratching tree that doesn't have a cover/material over the ledges.

This means that there is no material covering the wood. This is cheaper but worse and dangerous for your cat since splinters can get into it's paws and injure it! Also, a cat tree without any covering material is ugly, plain and unpleasant for your cat to sit on.
Therefore, buy a good cat scratching tree that has a material covering to it!

Here's a recommended site for cheap cat scratching trees.

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