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Vernon/Rockville, CT: My 4lb female Chihuahua was lost around 7:30-8:00 on 1/16/11 in Vernon/Rockville. I have been looking for her since that time. My aunt was watching her and no sooner did they get home she got loose and bolted up Ward Street, around the hospital and then to the street across from the gas station between the hospital and 7/11. She's almost all black with white on her chest and brown on her paws, legs and eyebrows, she was wearing a black collar with diamonds on it but no tags. She is shy, I'm not sure if she would come up to someone but I'm hoping she does! I'm really worried I hope she will make it or someone finds her. I will give a *REWARD* for whoever finds her!!!!! She is very attached to me and has never spent a night without me! If you see her or find her PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE call, txt, or email me PLEASE! My number is 860.371.1000, Give me a call or text, email ANYTIME! THANK YOU! -Emily --

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