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German Shepherds Seeking Sponsors

As California continues to endure tough economic times, local animal rescuers are experiencing a greater number of intakes. According to German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County (GSROC), an all-volunteer charity that rescues purebred shepherds throughout Southern California, the onslaught of foreclosures is the reason. They went from receiving an average of 40 calls a week asking for assistance in finding homes for shepherds last year to about 80 calls a week this year.

A poor economy coupled with a downturn in donations from supporters has left the group struggling to provide veterinary care for dogs in need. GSROC receives no public funding and has no paid staff, and currently has over 80 dogs in residence, which is about 30 more than normal.

According to GSROC Director Maria Dales, this past summer has been surprising in the number of purebred puppies that are showing up in shelters in need of rescue.  “While we typically see a couple puppies in shelters each month, this year has revealed a disturbing trend toward more puppies being born and then cast off.  This summer, the number of puppies 6 months and under that we have rescued from shelters has tripled over last summer’s numbers.  Add to this the number of puppies that are coming to us when would-be breeders can’t sell them, and our resources become extremely diluted.”

Three such puppies are Ralston, Rafferty, and Raelin.  They were turned loose in a field at around five months of age, and were then taken by animal control to a high kill shelter.  When euthanasia was looming, GSROC stepped in to rescue the three siblings.  Raelin has found her home, but Ralston and Rafferty are still hoping to find their special families.

GSROC takes on many hardship cases.  One such case is 8-year-old Georgia, abandoned in Los Angeles.  Georgia arrived at the rescue bald on two-thirds of her body, with her ears and skin raw and oozing from incessant scratching. She was diagnosed with a deep bacterial infection in her skin that had overtaken her entire body.  Had someone attended to Georgia’s infection at its onset, the treatment would have cost approximately $40 for antibiotics. Now, due to its severity, Georgia’s treatment will cost the rescue group in excess of $500.00.  The financial support of donors can make a world of difference for dogs like Georgia that rely on GSROC to make them feel better.

One GSROC alum who went from shelter to spotlight is Elisa.  When Elisa was rescued from a public shelter, GSROC knew that Elisa had something special about her. They just didn’t know HOW special she was until she really got a chance to shine!  Elisa’s great disposition and incredible ball drive earned her an “audition” with Falco K9 Academy to become a detection dog.  During her preliminary tests, Elisa  wowed everyone with her proficiency at finding hidden things—she even found a toy that had been missing from the school for months!  Elisa’s mission is not to search out drugs or money or bombs, but instead to hunt for.....bedbugs.  She will be visiting hotels, theaters and other public places as a private search dog to help protect the public!  GSROC is so proud that Elisa’s innate talents will be put to such great use!

The only thing standing between GSROC and their ability to rescue more adoptable dogs like Georgia, Elisa, Ralston, Raelin and Rafferty are financial resources.  The group relies entirely on donations in order to operate.  All donations are tax deductible and there are no paid employees.  GSROC desperately needs donations of the following items from their “Wish List”.
1.  Sponsors for individual dogs
2.  Frontline and/or Advantage Flea Control
3. Petsmart or Petco Gift Cards
4. Heavy duty dog toys (large)
5. Rawhide chew bones (large)
6. Rawhide chew strips (large)
7. Dog treats
8.  Premium quality dog food (e.g. Lamb and Rice)
9.  2 2" - 24" choke chains for training
10.Large and Extra Large Vari-kennels
11.Rolls of postage stamps (for mailings)
12.Printing services
13.Grooming services
14.Advertising in various media
15.Free or low cost spay/neuter surgeries
16.Items for resale to benefit the dogs
17.Volunteers to help spread the word
18.Donations in any amount
19.Links from your company or personal website to  For more information and to see available dogs, please go to
Your tax-deductible donations save lives, EIN#20-3455479.

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