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Dog Chewing Problem: Things You Must Do To Get Rid Of This Problem

Dog’s chewing problem is very annoying for its owner .Few of my friends are very frustrated with this habit of their puppy .They often ask from others why dogs keep on chewing and how to stop them from doing this ridiculous thing .Through this article I will try to solve the problem of various dog owner who are dealing with same issue.

Let me clarify the fact why do dogs chew on everything .Main reason behind this activity is  to keep their jaws and teeth healthy and strong .Some dogs chew when they are free and they have nothing to do .Puppies mostly chews in their teething stage .Sometime dogs chew just to get attention of their owner .Another dog chewing problem is if they are afraid of something like fireworks ,loud noise etc .These sort of problems also develop Chewing Problems in dog .Chewing is not a big issue unless or until your dog started chewing things which are precious for you .There are several electrical wires ,poisonous stuff and other precious stuff which you will never allow your dog to chew .If your dog is trying to chew almost everything ,it’s the right time to teach him properly to get rid of this habit .

Next thing you want to make your dog free from this habit of chewing .There are several ways to throw this habit out from the life of your dog .First step is to keep an eye on his chewing habits .Keep all expensive things away from reach of your dog .In few cases ,dogs have only particular likings in case of chewing .For example some dogs only chew furniture while other chew shoes and  sleepers .In this case ,try to wrap all those stuff with some non toxic substance having foul smell .This method very rarely works but still there is no harm in using this method .Try to say firm “no” if he is chewing in front of you .Try to replace it with another chew toy .Proper training and well disciplined behavior also sometime make dogs free from habit of unnecessary chewing .Proper exercise and indulging your dog   in playing is must whenever you notice him chewing some stuff .There are several tasty dog chew available in market .Try to provide these stuff to your dog in initial stage so that he may not start chewing other things .Always try to indulge your dog into games or other sort of work because I have noticed that mostly dog chews when they have nothing to do .Some dogs chew when they find themselves alone .So try to spend  more and more time with your dog .

It is always important to find the reason behind chewing problem of your dog .I have explained most common reasons of Dog Chewing and solutions to get rid of this problem .By finding reason of chewing ,we can easily get rid of this problem by following steps explained. Good luck and enjoy life the most beautiful and faithful animal.

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