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April is National Adopt- a-Greyhound Month

Greyhound racing tracks are closing across the country due to the economy, competition from casinos and in Massachusetts, state legislation banning racing. Among those displaced by the closings are the graceful greyhounds often seen galloping toward the finish line. Track closings, retiring grey-hounds and the country’s recent economic crisis result in an even greater need to place these beautiful animals into loving homes. April is National Adopt-a-Greyhound Month and The Greyhound Project is spreading their message of grey-hound adoption awareness to ensure that 100 percent of the greyhounds waiting at adoption groups find caring homes.
There are thousands of greyhounds being cared for by adoption groups throughout the country as they wait to be adopted into permanent homes. Public service announcements about greyhound adoption will be airing on television stations across the country during the month of April and beyond. The Massachusetts-based non-profit
is a volunteer organization committed to promote the welfare and adoption of greyhounds by providing support
and information to adoption organizations, adopters, and the public.
“In 2010, there’s such a need to find homes for greyhounds because of the track closings and the economy, which has
resulted in fewer adoptions and more surrenders because owners can no longer afford to care for their greyhounds
and other pets,” said President of The Greyhound Project Michael McCann. “National Adopt-a-Greyhound month is
the perfect time to adopt a greyhound. They are a beautiful, graceful and gentle breed and make great pets and companions.”

The Greyhound Project is not an adoption agency and
works with more than 300 greyhound adoption groups across
the country. Please visit for
more information.

Greyhound Pets of America/CA-Orange County and Greater Los Angeles is dedicated to finding
kind, loving homes for every greyhound retiring from the Caliente Race Track in Tijuana.
(800) 298-5743

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