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A Unique Training Method That Works!

JR Frederick – Certified Educator Trainer -714-658-7374

A Unique Training Method That Works! Do you know how to safely cross the street with your dog? How is your dog’s recall? Do you repeat your commands? How about getting your dog’s attention when it is distracted? Do you know the proper way to go up and down stairs with your dog? Have you ever taken your dog downtown, on public transit or how about in a hotel? Does your dog have patience? …Do you?

Would you like to have a well-mannered dog? I just love meeting dog lovers and when I tell them I’m a Dog Trainer, there is always a question or two that is ready for the asking. At K9 Street Safety USA we use a unique and effective style of dog training that really works! We teach you how to be a Leader for your dog. We show you how to communicate with your dog in the language it understands, Body Language. Your dog has a brain so let’s show him how to use it. They can actually think and make decisions. Using effective and fun methods we will show you how to stimulate your dog’s brain to think. We don’t use treats for our training rather we use affection as the reward. There is no use of choke chains, pinch, shock collars or other masking tools that take away the ability for the dog to think. Mental exercise is equally as important as the physical exercise.

There needs to be a balance of the two. See a change in your dog’s behavior within the first class. We teach a 6 week Street Safety class where we show you how to keep your dog safe. You and your dog will be exposed to all the smells, sounds, and distractions of real life. You will learn how to cross a busy street with your dog, how to work swinging doors, use elevators and even go into a hotel. Our dogs will know what is expected of them and you will learn to raise your expectations and stop making excuses for your dog.

The only tools you will need are the “Hustle Up” brand Martingale collar and a 6 foot leash. Within these classes, you are given the necessary tools to manage your dog on and off lead, establish your Alpha role in your dog’s life, create a true bond of mutual trust and respect between you and your dog.

Classes run consecutively in N. and S. Orange County locations. We meet 2 times per week for 1.5 hours each class. That’s 12 sessions or 18 hours of instruction! Remember, this is training, not obedience. Only 10 dogs and their handlers are in each class so there is plenty of private instruction. All family members are welcome! K9 Street Safety USA Training is powerful, unique, fun, challenging and successful! Classes fill up fast so reserve your spot today!

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