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Get the Advantage! Flea Products That Will Safely Cut the Flea Life Cycle

Why Flea Control is Important

If your dog or cat has never had a serious problem with flea, tick or heartworm infestations, count yourself lucky!

To keep your pet healthy and comfortable in flea and tick country, it's important to treat him regularly with a safe and effective treatment. Advantage flea products and Frontline for pets, are two brand name products that will work for your pets.

Fleas, ticks and other parasites can be unsightly, irritating and itchy, and carry disease. An infestation in one pet can spread to other pets - cat fleas will go to dogs and vice versa. These buggers don't discriminate much. Humans are also worthy targets, so look out for red bumps and itchy skin if you've got fleas in your house! Ticks attach to your skin and turn light gray/brown and become enlarged and swollen as they fill with your blood! (However, I DO NOT recommend Advantage flea products for you, just pets! ) Kill ticks by removing them with the head intact and then crushing them, or putting them in alcohol or soapy water.

Fleas Have a Long Life Cycle, so One-Time Treatments Don't Wipe Out The Population!

Fleas lay eggs, which hatch into worms, which then pupate into a cocoon, waiting to emerge as an adult and infect another host. Flea larvae can survive for up to a year, waiting to emerge from the pupae phase and re-infect your pets. They can live in your carpet or your back yard as well as woods and fields near your home.

These parasites carry diseases that can be harmful to animals and humans alike. Bottom line - fleas are bad business and keeping them out of your home and out of your hair should be a serious priority in any area where fleas thrive and humans and animals co-habitate.

I learned my lessons about flea control the hard way when I didn't use any flea and tick spray...

When I got my first dog, Kera - a golden retriever/lab mix - I thought flea control was not that big of a deal. Kera was mostly an inside dog, and even though we lived in North Carolina - (Yikes! Flea country!) - I figured it wasn't a big deal... (and, I didn't want to spend the money on Advantage flea products, Frontline Plus, or any other cheap flea control products).

Then, I got my first glimpse of fleas crawling on her skin. We were sitting together watching TV, and I reached down to pet her and noticed a little gray beast crawling through her hair. I seized up... the food in my mouth suddenly became very unappealing... it wasn't long before I was combing frantically through her fur, finding flea after flea, crushing them and throwing their questionably dead bodies into a jar of alcohol.

Talk about gross!

What I didn't know then is that the flea life cycle can last up to two years. Even if I had caught all the fleas on Kera's skin, my problems weren't necessarily over!

Remember to kill ticks and fleas, you need an ongoing flea treatment program!

Fleas bite their hosts (mammals in most casts - dogs, cats and humans!) and consume their blood. When they bite, their saliva enters the blood stream and creates itching and irritation at the site. They also spread diseases, like Lyme disease, in this manner.

Fleas also lay eggs, which can fall to the floor in your house, or yard - perpetuating the flea infestation even if you've given your dog a one-time treatment like a flea and tick spray, flea bath, or flea dip.

A perpetual treatment regimen with a flea control product like Frontline or Advantage flea products is really the best way to get and keep your pet flea-free. These flea drops provide effective treatment for eradicating the fleas throughout their life cycle.

In addition, you should regularly vacuum your house to remove flea and tick eggs and larvae so they don't re-infect your pets or family.

Here's a great tip... put a flea collar (like one that emits gas to kill fleas) in the vacuum cleaner's collection bag to kill fleas and ticks (and their offspring) that it vacuums up!

Bottom Line - Keep Up With Flea Treatments!

An Effective Flea Treatment like Advantage Flea Products or Frontline Plus can stop flea biting in 3-5 minutes (it paralyzes them) and get rid of 98-100% of adult fleas within 12 hours. However, you need to keep up with a monthly flea treatment program to insure your dog or cat is not re-infected. These flea meds are widely used, extensively tested and recommended by veterinarians across the country as a safe and effective solution that will kill fleas, kill ticks, and keep your pets safe and healthy.

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About the Author

Emily J. Cressey loves dogs and cats but hates fleas and ticks! After trying to find and crush her dog's fleas by hand (and failing!) she found a better way.

Advantage Flea Products are a safe and effective treatment for dogs and cats. Click here to buy Advantage flea products and read product reviews.

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